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Nothing in life is free, except my sofa

So it appears that giving stuff away for free is tougher than it looks. Granted my sofa is 2.2 metres long but I’m sure there’s enough change in it for a Curly Wurly.

The two people who have shown interest to date have shown too much interest but not enough when its come down to arriving in a van. And frankly I’ve been dumb enough to sit around and wait for their family members to decide whether it was worth tearing themselves away from Liverpool vs Man City to empty all the stolen copper out of their vans and pick up my FREE sofa. Free is becoming way too time expensive if you ask me.

An update: Since reposting six, no make that seven more people have shown an interest in my free sofa, perhaps I should have an auction!!

Current Freecycle timewaster count = 3


A new blog for a new adventure

On Saturday 10th December 2011, with my wife Lola, I’ll be moving to North East Pennsylvannia (NEPA) in the United States. We’ve lived in Windsor in the UK for the last two years together, next door to the Queen, but she’s never popped round for tea. While Lola is from Scranton, PA, I’ve lived in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland in my life before – places laden with cold, rain and exquisite landscapes. NEPA is no different, in fact a land possibly more extreme in it’s highs and lows.

Here on this blog I’ll be keeping everyone up to date with life as it happens and of course as it doesn’t. I’ll also be sharing my photographs of life in NEPA so watch this space.