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Spring like day in PA on New Year’s Eve

We’ve spent the morning out in the sunshine with Riley dog. I’ve had a garden bonfire and at one point we got invaded by squawking¬†blue-jays. The weather is really quite unbelievably spring-like and it’s as if everything is waiting to bloom.

Tonight it’s just myself and Lola who has a bad cold, which she insists I’ve given her. Pah ūüėČ We’re having a quiet night in with some nice food, Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark in a wheelchair. Sweet. I’ll pop out later to get a six pack of something nice no doubt.

Happy New Year to everyone, especially everyone in the UK who we’ll be Skyping later! 2011 was exciting and at the same time an utter bastard, but I have a feeling 2012 is going to be good.

My predictions for 2012

  • Saints will be promoted to the Premiership along with West Ham
  • Aliens will come to Earth and it will turn out that they just like to sit around and play human invasion video games and eat Wotsits
  • Jet packs will be banned from being invented and all comedy references to them will be redacted from history
  • The United States will join the Euro
My resolutions for 2012
  • Hunt
  • Fish
  • Camp
  • Kill

OK¬†well maybe not hunting or killing but I’ll probably resolve to spend more time in Gander Mountain.


Everyone loves ice cream

Yes they certainly do. Meet the fridges in one local supermarket, not the largest supermarket by any means but they sure have a lot of ice cream. I’ll do a proper post on the amazeballs local ice cream soon at the two dairies near to where we live, but for now here’s how much I can get my hands on if you need it at short notice. Yes there is ice cream in both those sets of fridges from end to end. Awesome.

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Yuengling Brewery, Pottsville, PA

Today we visited the Yuengling Brewery, America’s oldest in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

While it’s not strictly an American Craft Brewer, compared to such it’s one of the more commercial and popular regional brews, its distribution stretching to Ohio. Yeungling remains one of the most important and best brewers in the North East and is currently under it’s fifth generation of Yuengling family owners. Fantastic free tour, history and samples – if you’re in the area, thoroughly worth a visit.

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Great American Beer #2

Last May I was lucky enough to visit the Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, Vermont. Pictured left is Harpoon’s Octoberfest beer that Steve kept over for us. Octoberfests, Pumpkin ales, Winter Warmers and Christmas ales are all the rage ¬†among American Craft Brewers. They’re not always my cup of tea but some of them including this one are awesome. More to come.


I love photography old and colourful things and the US has bags of this kind of stuff. Naturally for most people it’s everyday stuff, but to my eyes it’s like candy. Even an every day fire hydrant looks cool to me.

Colder than it looks

Despite all the greenery and occasional blue skies, the weather is definitely feeling brisker almost every day. Snow flurries keep threatening to develop and the ice is creeping on the various ponds around the countryside. Stupidly I went walking without a hat and regretted that fairly quickly. That said, January is supposed to be relatively mild meaning we wont get snow until February.

Lackawanna River

Christmas sunset

A great day in Pennsylvania culminating in a roast Christmas Dinner, English stylee with Christmas pudding set on fire with sloe gin.

There was even a beautiful sunset right across the street.

Happiness is a warm BB Gun

It’s always a good day when your wife buys you a gun. Granted it’s only a Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun but we’ve been managing to shoot tin cans in the back yard at about 20 metres which is quite impressive I think. Turns out Lola is an excellent shot – so come the zombie¬†apocalypse,¬†we’re in good shape.

As you can see from the gallery, still no sign of the dreaded snow although it was cold – 21c up at Elk Mountain this morning where they were making snow for the boarders and skiers – so I can’t imagine it’s that far away.

Obviously it’s Christmas Eve today so we’re watching the Eagles at four then having a Mexican Feast of puffy tacos, shrimp and chicken with gifts to follow.

Tomorrow it’s roast chicken and then off to see Sherlock Holmes. Sweet. Merry Xmas/Happy¬†Hanukkah everyone.

So you think you celebrate Christmas?

There is no doubt that the people of the United States of America love their Christmases and that all important Christmassy feeling. Even if Christmas means nothing more than putting shitloads of lights up on your house and causing a massive car crash outside as people rubberneck. How much do these people love Christmas? Can I just point out that two nights ago, Santa rode past atop fire engine at 50mph in -5c  waving to everyone while the sirens blasted and all the local kids screamed Рsee photo 4.

There are two things you need to pay attention to here. The gallery and the You Tube video I shot earlier this evening which you need to watch all the way through. In the video, depicted are two houses, back to back, who put on this amazing show every year, sheep and rabbits included. On Thursday I’m looking forward to the live nativity across the street at the local church. I’m told it’s a bit like a biblical WWF, photo’s to follow. If it wasn’t my birthday and I wasn’t drunk, some of this might seem real.