Mexican food is a lifetime commitment

For the record, I’d just like to say that I think I love Mexican food more than I love pretty much anything on this sweet Earth – Lola excepted :). The humans that call themselves Mexican have got a handle on food in a way that no-one else has, not even the Indians and you know how much it pains me to say something like that. Fortunately I’ve managed to move to the country right next to Mexico and what do you know, it’s full of Mexicans. Its fantastic that it’s now easy to get jalepenos somewhere outside Whole Foods in Kensington and corn tortillas that Lola is expertly making with maseca rather than those awful shiny flour ones. I can see Mexican food becoming a regular theme here, especially as we have a $20 gift voucher to Chicano’s – thanks Tommy.

If you have any Mexican recommendations in the NEPA area, please leave a comment immediately.


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One response to “Mexican food is a lifetime commitment”

  1. Jill M. (@JillybeansTALK) says :

    Pretty much any of the Latino restaurants in South Scranton are great.. Chicano’s included (I love their pozole). Italo’s on Pittston Ave. is good too (they sell some specialities from their part of Mexico you won’t find at Chicano’s).

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