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New beginnings

It’s true, a man cannot live like a country gentleman forever – fishing, taking photographs and gardening are fun, but bills must be paid, the family must be fed and now it seems I’m going to need to buy a bigger boat (see previous post) . So tomorrow I begin a new role. I wont go into what it involves exactly but suffice to say I’m really looking forward to getting back to using the old grey matter again.

I’m gonna need a bigger boat

Captain Over Ambitious on Lake Ford

There’s no two ways about it, kayaking and fishing at the same time is not easy. Yes you can get to parts of the body of water you’re fishing that others might not be able to reach but that’s not before you’ve snagged your line on your hat, spun round in circles a million times in the wind and got your backside soaked. Today I went with the two rod approach – dragging one and casting the other. I’d love to tell you that it wasn’t a massively futile effort but I’d be lying. I have no idea what would happen if I actually did manage to catch something large like a big pike while in the kayak but I suspect it might involve me getting wet and losing all my gear not to mention rescue helicopters and emergency crews. To quote Roy Scheider, I think I’m gonna need a bigger boat.

If only I had caught something…

I need to catch a fish!! Photos by Lola.

Bomb the bass

Put up a bit of a fight this large mouth bass. Good job I’m a megafisherman. Solid.


Garden gets a security upgrade


Took advantage in a break in the rain to give the veggie plot a security upgrade. That should keep the little bastards out – you’d think…

Black gold

Where’s the beef? Well it’s here. It took over a month to get here, but it’s finally arrived. The only question is, how many crumpets will I eat this morning?

Bear invasion!

Oh why did I fall asleep before the news last night???? Amazing happenings on the local weather which is broadcast outside every night, but not tonight! Click the bear to see the video or here.

Raining cats and dogs and pigs and horses and televisions and pineapples…

Just a few days ago it was all blossoms and eating outside. Now it’s all let’s stay inside and watch an entire season of The Killing. Tomorrow: Season 2


Lancaster Brewing Company

Popped into the Lancaster Brewing Company today in Lancaster. They’ve got a range of great natural tasting beers including a Strawberry Wheat. Lunch was also excellent and fairly reasonable with a burger to rival the one up the road at the Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg.

Next it was off to Amish country where there were Shoo Fly Pies and¬†Whoopee¬†Pies to scoff, but that’s another story altogether.


It’s green down south

The further south you travel from NEPA the greener it really gets. This is just outside Carlisle – a few hours south of us here in the dale. The trees are green, the grass is long and it’s basically summer down there. We’re a few weeks away from that yet. I can’t wait.