Why don’t you recycle Michael?

In the garage last week looking at the surplus of beer case boxes we had – it’s terrible I know – and a thought suddenly struck me – I can use them as seed starters. All you need to do is fill it up with soil and add the seeds. So now I have two boxes of sunflowers and a box of spinach mustard seeds that have started to sprout already. On a general beer note – obviously I cannot recommend the Wolavers Wild Flower Wheat enough but…what an amazing brewery Stegmaier has become. I’m told they do a lot of contract brewing for Sam Adams and to do so they had to improve. What it’s meant is that their IPA, Pale Ale and their Honey Suckle are amazing this year and it’s only $19.99 a case round here due to the proximity. I’m also told that later in the year they will be doing a Blueberry. Sweet.


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