Great American Beer #6

It’s been a while since Magic Hat came out with a decent seasonal but they have come up trumps with Elder Betty. Just the right side of both sweet and fruity it’s gorgeous.



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5 responses to “Great American Beer #6”

  1. Zen and Genki says :

    I am totally geeking out on beer here on your blog…I LOVE IT!

  2. Paul says :

    Thanks for the tip Matt. We are big fans of Magic Hat and buy #9 by the caseload. I’ll be on the lookout for it.

    Like you I am an expat and come from Winchester – just up the M3 from you in Southampton (Go Saints!). We live in Bergen County, NJ and have just bought a lakehouse in Lake Ariel and I discovered your blog while researching the area. Also like you I am heavily into photography and loved your pictures.

    All the best Matt. Cheers mate!


    • dogdelafrog says :

      Hi Paul,

      Good to meet you (digitally speaking!). We were up at Lake Ariel the other day taking a ride around, it’s a lovely spot. Just one point will do tomorrow and we’re up I believe.


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