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Autumn is here!

Towards Pittsburgh, PA

Back in NEPA for the weekend

And pumpkins and gourds were purchased at Robas Farm.


Making tomato sauce


1. Buy muchos tomatoes
2. Blend a pile of garlic and basil to add to sauce later
3. Boil some whole tomatoes for about 4 minutes.
5. Place in icy water
6. Squeeze and pick off skins
7. Repeat 3-7 until you run out of tomatoes
8. Chop eyes off the ends of the skinned tomatoes
9. Boil up tomatoes, garlic, basil, some salt and sugar to taste.
10. Simmer for an hour until thick
11. Let cool and ladle into freezer bags
12. Lay out flat in freezer
13. Enjoy all year!