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Shit’s gettin’ real



Back in NEPA for the weekend

And pumpkins and gourds were purchased at Robas Farm.


Trapped by the storm


Trapped in Allentown. I can think of no worse ending. Here comes the apocalypse.

Wowzers it’s sweaty


We are heading south, the temperature is heading north

Imminent danger

Now for some extreme weather! It’s rumbling to the north as I type and it’s got very dark indeed.

Real feel: Scorchio

Yes we’re in for a hot one today folks. Stay inside, make some lemonade, put the AC on, take off all your clothes, get out the ice cream, watch some ABC crime dramas.

Any other suggestions?

New York, New Yuk

In New York for a spot of business – ooh get me. Just wish the weather was a little less inclement.