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Blogging on the TV!

If you were watching re-runs of NCIS on USA this afternoon at 4.30 then shame on you. You should have been glued to PA Live where you could have seen Moving to NEPA on live television in all it’s glory.

Missed it? Have no fear – the segment is here 

This is not my first television appearance. As many of you will know, at the height of punk, as an 8 year old, you could spot my jacket in the crowd at Southampton vs Man Utd fixture in 1979 on Match of the Day. Plus my Auntie Pauline spotted me on the 10 o’clock news at a poll tax demonstration that got slightly out of hand in Bristol.

Seriously, thanks to everyone involved at Nepablogs and PA Live. It’s amazing that blogging is so popular in this part of the world that it’s deserving of such media attention.


New beginnings

It’s true, a man cannot live like a country gentleman forever – fishing, taking photographs and gardening are fun, but bills must be paid, the family must be fed and now it seems I’m going to need to buy a bigger boat (see previous post) . So tomorrow I begin a new role. I wont go into what it involves exactly but suffice to say I’m really looking forward to getting back to using the old grey matter again.

On the lookout

Now my official green card has arrived, I figured I better find my first job in the United States!

Clearly I’ve been away from computers for way too long as today I gave myself an actual headache as I began the task of reworking my CV/resume as well as my LinkedIn profile – changing all those Z’s to S’s – or is it the other way round? So far I have ruled out pole dancer and nuclear power plant engineer as potential new careers but if you have any NEPA openings or suggestions for a British writer/photographer/all round business professional, then drop me a line! I’m thinking park ranger.