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Gone fishing, been fishing, caught nuffin

Water Wall by dogfrog
Water Wall, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Five county reservoirs have been opened up for fishing this year. This one, Curtis Reservoir in Elmhurst hasn’t been fish-able for 9 years. The water is still way too cold to catch anything really but saying that, an old man in a sheriff’s hat told us he had caught three perch on the previous day. Give it another week and the fish might start feeding properly. Will still probably head out this evening if it’s warm.


Lady in yellow

Lady in yellow by dogfrog
Lady in yellow, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Shortly after taking this photo, this 90 year old lady walked down to the ocean, stripped off to reveal a mermaid’s tail and headed south for winter. Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery.

Wrap around

Wrap around by dogfrog
Wrap around, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Lola knocked me out and tied me to this post. Fortunately I chewed my way free before the tide came in 🙂 Bad Lola.

Sticks and stones

Sticks and stones by dogfrog
Sticks and stones, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Another shot from last week’s trip to Cape Cod.

Scene from Jaws?

Scene from Jaws? by dogfrog
Scene from Jaws?, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Remember the scene in Jaws where they find the first girl’s body and the policeman throws up? This scene I found in Cape Cod reminded me of that for some reason.

Cape Cod, March 2012

The last hut on the left

The last hut on the left by dogfrog
The last hut on the left, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Don’t know what it is about this photo but I like it very much.

The Last Post

The Last Post by dogfrog
The Last Post, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

I think this might be my favorite beach shot of the trip. It’s clear simple and I love the white streak running through the water in the background.

On the fence

On the fence by dogfrog
On the fence, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

I cannot describe how bitterly cold it was down by the beach. I could barely work the camera but I was quite pleased with this one. I’ll process some more tomorrow and share.

Fancy a swim?

Fancy a swim? by dogfrog
Fancy a swim?, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Ok I’ll stop with the HDR processing now. It was just a phase I was going through. 🙂

Snow begins to fall

Snow begins to fall by dogfrog
Snow begins to fall, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

The back garden was a picture this afternoon. Lola and I got married between those trees 🙂