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Great American Beer #14

Magic Hat’s Spring dandelion ale, Pistil, is something I look forward to every year. Sad to see the bottom of this case.


Great American Beer #13

A beauty out of Salt Lake City. At 6.8% it’s a perfect school night Belgian. Monkshine from Uinta – an instant classic.


Great American Beer #6

It’s been a while since Magic Hat came out with a decent seasonal but they have come up trumps with Elder Betty. Just the right side of both sweet and fruity it’s gorgeous.


Great American Beer part 5

Partly Sunny by the Ithaca Beer Co. is one of my most favourite beers of all time. Ithaca, based in Ithaca, New York State are currently building a new modern brewery just behind their existing sheds and I hope they don’t change the recipe. Other favorites from this brewery are their Apricot Wheat Beer which is magnificent as is the Flower Power. There’s nothing like a hippy beer.

Great American Beer #4

Lola spotted this stuff the other week and we managed to find some in Wegmans. It turned out that she didn’t like it so much (all the more for me), it is actually fairly bitter but personally I think Saranac White IPA is absolutely wonderful stuff. Hopefully I’ll get to the Brewery a bit later this year.

Great American Beer #4

River Horse, a wonderful brewery from the New Jersey border with Pennsylvania.

This stuff is fairly strong and suffice to say after a moderate night’s drinking, this put me to sleep in about 20 minutes. It’s rich and incredibly hoppy hence the name Hop-alot-amus 🙂 There’s some more in the fridge right now, but I’m a bit scared of it to be honest.

River Horse

New Hope

I’ve been to New Hope before, about three years ago, so I knew back then it was a tie dye kind of place. What I didn’t know was that it is home to two great breweries – River Horse and Triumph. River Horse sadly was closed today but Triumph was and their IPA was spectacular.

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Great American Beer #3

An unexpectedly fresh brew, if a little hoppy but given the name I should have figured that. Lovely stuff.

Hoppy Trails

Great American Beer #2

Last May I was lucky enough to visit the Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, Vermont. Pictured left is Harpoon’s Octoberfest beer that Steve kept over for us. Octoberfests, Pumpkin ales, Winter Warmers and Christmas ales are all the rage  among American Craft Brewers. They’re not always my cup of tea but some of them including this one are awesome. More to come.