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Sit back and relax


The weather is warm, it’s time to start grillin’ chicken. At least that’s what Riley told me.

Riley plays in the snow

Riley just loves snow. In fact she had it for lunch.

Can’t believe this has now over 4,500 views!

Spring like day in PA on New Year’s Eve

We’ve spent the morning out in the sunshine with Riley dog. I’ve had a garden bonfire and at one point we got invaded by squawking blue-jays. The weather is really quite unbelievably spring-like and it’s as if everything is waiting to bloom.

Tonight it’s just myself and Lola who has a bad cold, which she insists I’ve given her. Pah 😉 We’re having a quiet night in with some nice food, Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark in a wheelchair. Sweet. I’ll pop out later to get a six pack of something nice no doubt.

Happy New Year to everyone, especially everyone in the UK who we’ll be Skyping later! 2011 was exciting and at the same time an utter bastard, but I have a feeling 2012 is going to be good.

My predictions for 2012

  • Saints will be promoted to the Premiership along with West Ham
  • Aliens will come to Earth and it will turn out that they just like to sit around and play human invasion video games and eat Wotsits
  • Jet packs will be banned from being invented and all comedy references to them will be redacted from history
  • The United States will join the Euro
My resolutions for 2012
  • Hunt
  • Fish
  • Camp
  • Kill

OK well maybe not hunting or killing but I’ll probably resolve to spend more time in Gander Mountain.