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One ugly sucker

A very heavy sucker fish from the Conodoguinet Creek.



Two fish

At Elmhurst today. First cast, brown tube and straight into a +2 foot Chain Pickerel. Followed up with a 14″ Smallmouth Bass. Sweaty work!


Dirty old bass

The Susquehanna was a dirty river today. But nothing stops a megafisherman


Off to Vermont

Later today we’ll begin our road trip to Vermont and Lake Champlain for a spot of camping, outdoor life and fishing. I’m sure there will be a few breweries to be visited along the way – Magic Hat and Otter Creek to name but two.

Apparently you can shoot pike in Lake Champlain at this time of year. I can’t wait for dynamite season.

Last time we took a serious road trip it was in a SMART car up a bunch of big mountains in Spain. Now that was fun too!

Small but numerous


The good news is that the fish are starting to hit. The bad news is that they are tiny so far. Off to Vermont on Friday and Lake Champlain so hopefully the big guns will come out.

Blue Saturday

Blue Saturday by dogfrog
Blue Saturday, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Uniondale, Pennsylvania, May 2012.

On the way to Belmont Lake for a fishing trip at 5.30 am. Barely awake I snapped this from the car. I kinda like the fact that it’s blurry.

Blue lagoon

Blue Lagoon

A foggy and humid evening down at Lake Nockamixon. Only Al managed to catch a fish (allegedly) but it was all made up for by the wonderful ice cream up the road at Owowcow Creamery. Their blueberry lemon ice cream is unbelievable, and as for the one with lavender in it…just go there.





I’m gonna need a bigger boat

Captain Over Ambitious on Lake Ford

There’s no two ways about it, kayaking and fishing at the same time is not easy. Yes you can get to parts of the body of water you’re fishing that others might not be able to reach but that’s not before you’ve snagged your line on your hat, spun round in circles a million times in the wind and got your backside soaked. Today I went with the two rod approach – dragging one and casting the other. I’d love to tell you that it wasn’t a massively futile effort but I’d be lying. I have no idea what would happen if I actually did manage to catch something large like a big pike while in the kayak but I suspect it might involve me getting wet and losing all my gear not to mention rescue helicopters and emergency crews. To quote Roy Scheider, I think I’m gonna need a bigger boat.

If only I had caught something…

I need to catch a fish!! Photos by Lola.

Bomb the bass

Put up a bit of a fight this large mouth bass. Good job I’m a megafisherman. Solid.