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Today’s garden haul



Carrots. I hate ’em


I can’t tell you how much I loathe carrots. The ones we grew this year, sure are pretty though. (pukes).

Hot mama


I grew this. Can’t wait to see if it’s bloody hot or tastes of nothing.

We hit the rhubarb motherload


Massive haul of rhubarb – about 12 large freezer bags I think all for less than 20 bucks. That’ll keep us in crumble for a few months I should think! Any other suggestions for rhubarb are welcome!

First fruit

Ok so it’s not the biggest vegetable in the entire world, but it is the first fruits of our garden labor. Spicier than regular radish, this little fella is a spicy Japanese breakfast radish that bestows upon the eater magical super powers. I’m still waiting for mine to kick in but I’m expecting full X-Ray vision before lunchtime in time for a trip to the Viewmont Mall.





Welcome visitor


Eat the slugs my pretty…



For a while I didn’t think this was gonna happen, but we found a rhubarb crown at Greystone Gardens English Garden Centre in Clarks Summit. Now to find some custard.

Snakes and radish

Our garden has been slow to kick off up in the mountains. It’s always a bit colder up here and our trees aren’t fully out. But saying that, the radishes and the bok choi are coming on nicely after the rains and the subsequent sunshine. The only problem now is avoiding the snakes which are gobbling up the garden worms by the dozen.

Why don’t you recycle Michael?

In the garage last week looking at the surplus of beer case boxes we had – it’s terrible I know – and a thought suddenly struck me – I can use them as seed starters. All you need to do is fill it up with soil and add the seeds. So now I have two boxes of sunflowers and a box of spinach mustard seeds that have started to sprout already. On a general beer note – obviously I cannot recommend the Wolavers Wild Flower Wheat enough but…what an amazing brewery Stegmaier has become. I’m told they do a lot of contract brewing for Sam Adams and to do so they had to improve. What it’s meant is that their IPA, Pale Ale and their Honey Suckle are amazing this year and it’s only $19.99 a case round here due to the proximity. I’m also told that later in the year they will be doing a Blueberry. Sweet.

Beautiful morning

Deer print

A beautiful morning in the dale. Can’t quite believe how hot it got by 8.30 this morning. Today will get to 86 degrees so a perfect day for kayaking. One small disgruntlement – the deer got onto the garden in the night and sampled our radishes. They clearly hadn’t read the seed packet as it says, deer don’t like radishes which was confirmed as they’d spat them out. Hello chicken wire!