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Ithaca – it’s a bit chilly

You only have to drive an hour or so north of the ‘dale and it gets a wee bit tittly bit nipply. I have no idea how Canadia (yes I called it Canadia), copes. But Ithaca is a lovely little town – home of Cornell University no less, and I thoroughly recommend the Mexican that everyone probably goes to. Also a good beer day as we managed to purchase Wolover’s Wild Flower Wheat, Wachussett Blueberry, Green Monsta and some Ithaca Partly Sunny. Damn I think I’ve bought too much beer for a man with a snoring problem.

Pictured below is a HDR of Buttermilk Falls just outside Ithaca, NY. See it bigger on Flickr.

Buttermilk Falls


Fancy a swim?

Fancy a swim? by dogfrog
Fancy a swim?, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Ok I’ll stop with the HDR processing now. It was just a phase I was going through. šŸ™‚

Reform Club

The other year I had theĀ privilegeĀ of photographing the Reform Club in London. You might have seen it in countless movies including a couple of Bond movies and it’s the place that Phileas Fogg fictionally set off on his 80 days around the world. Somehow I lost all the photos up until now and thought I’d give them the HDR treatment.

Remembering Spain

Starting to get to grips with some HDR versions of some old photos. I found this one from our holiday inĀ Andalusia,Ā Spain last August. Not sure how I missed it first time round. It was so quiet where we stayed, we actually heard a leaf blow down the street. Ah Spain, your food was crap but your vistas were lovely.

Spanish Hillside

Down the gorge

After all those hot wings a long walk was needed this morning. Took some photos along the way and decided to have a play round with some HDR processing.

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