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There’s a bloke down our ice cream shop who swears he’s Elvis





You have no idea…

…how good this tastes. I’ll do a bigger post on ice cream soon, so consider this a little taster.


Blue lagoon

Blue Lagoon

A foggy and humid evening down at Lake Nockamixon. Only Al managed to catch a fish (allegedly) but it was all made up for by the wonderful ice cream up the road at Owowcow Creamery. Their blueberry lemon ice cream is unbelievable, and as for the one with lavender in it…just go there.





Everyone loves ice cream

Yes they certainly do. Meet the fridges in one local supermarket, not the largest supermarket by any means but they sure have a lot of ice cream. I’ll do a proper post on the amazeballs local ice cream soon at the two dairies near to where we live, but for now here’s how much I can get my hands on if you need it at short notice. Yes there is ice cream in both those sets of fridges from end to end. Awesome.

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