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Afternoon drive

Went out North for a quick spin down some back roads. Naturally the afternoon ended with a bowl of chilli and apple pie.

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So cold my nose is blue

This morning we took Riley up the road to the Lackawanna State Park. Despite the intermittent sunshine the wind made it brutal, especially down by the lake where we saw two ice fishermen for the first time this year. The snow is on it’s way – an inch tonight and four or five tomorrow so I’m sure it’ll get even colder.

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A hint of winter

Just when you least expect it, the temperature can nosedive overnight here in NEPA. The day before yesterday it was almost 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the sunshine. Today by the lakeside it was 14 degrees Fahrenheit – equivalent to -9 Celcius. With the windchill, I thought for a moment I might actually develop brass monkeys as extra organs as Lola drove off into the distance to turn the car round while I took photos.

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