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The Banshee I shall miss thee

I’ll soon be leaving NEPA, for South Central Pennsylvania, namely Carlisle. Whether I’ll rename the blog or start a new one or not bother, I haven’t decided, but I’ll let you know soon.



Horribly nice


If you’re down in Scranton on a sunny day, take a look at the mini windmills in front of the main courthouse. They are lovely but sadly represent each abused child that was cared for last year in the county. As you can see there are a lot.

Will update when I have some more information.

Good day for a Guinness


Nothing like a Leo Sayer* beginning at 9.30 is there?

*Leo Sayer=All dayer

Jetty at the park

Jetty at the park by dogfrog
Jetty at the park, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

It’s almost time for fishing and kayaking season. We’re due four inches of snow tomorrow but by the time we get back from New York this week hopefully it will all have disappeared.

Fancy a swim?

Fancy a swim? by dogfrog
Fancy a swim?, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Ok I’ll stop with the HDR processing now. It was just a phase I was going through. 🙂

Down the gorge

After all those hot wings a long walk was needed this morning. Took some photos along the way and decided to have a play round with some HDR processing.

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By the lake with a squirrel whisperer

I didn’t realise until today that Scranton had a lake. And very cold it was too. Apparently lots of people go there to get a wedding photo. Today was beautifully sunny but icy cold. Next time I’ll take a hat with me. Also today I learnt that Lola is a squirrel whisperer.

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Back from Pittsburgh

After an exhausting 11 hours in the car yesterday we finally picked up our stuff from a dodgy warehouse in the back end of Pittsburgh. Got lots of photos on the way and I’ll process them later today and upload to a gallery. Here’s one I took last week looking down into the valley below Dickson City.