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Snow begins to fall

Snow begins to fall by dogfrog
Snow begins to fall, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

The back garden was a picture this afternoon. Lola and I got married between those trees 🙂


Snow falling through sunlight

A cool sight this morning as the snow came down through the sunlight in the garden.

In the doghouse

I’m not of course but I do wonder what lurks in there at the bottom of the garden when it gets snowy.

In the doghouse

Afternoon drive

Went out North for a quick spin down some back roads. Naturally the afternoon ended with a bowl of chilli and apple pie.

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Someone got a puppy

Lola’s sister got a puppy. She named it Sophie. Today it discovered snow!

Riley plays in the snow

Riley just loves snow. In fact she had it for lunch.

Can’t believe this has now over 4,500 views!

A hint of winter

Just when you least expect it, the temperature can nosedive overnight here in NEPA. The day before yesterday it was almost 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the sunshine. Today by the lakeside it was 14 degrees Fahrenheit – equivalent to -9 Celcius. With the windchill, I thought for a moment I might actually develop brass monkeys as extra organs as Lola drove off into the distance to turn the car round while I took photos.

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Winter struggle

Winter is struggling to find it’s way into NEPA. The final remnants of November’s light snow have been washed away by some rain albeit icy. Saw some wild turkeys today for the first time, very strange creatures indeed. January is also supposed to be relatively mild but all we can do is hope! Oh received my Social Security number today – far quicker than expected – which means I can now officially work here – damn 😉