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Off to Vermont

Later today we’ll begin our road trip to Vermont and Lake Champlain for a spot of camping, outdoor life and fishing. I’m sure there will be a few breweries to be visited along the way – Magic Hat and Otter Creek to name but two.

Apparently you can shoot pike in Lake Champlain at this time of year. I can’t wait for dynamite season.

Last time we took a serious road trip it was in a SMART car up a bunch of big mountains in Spain. Now that was fun too!

Spain 2011

Shadow potTop PotPotsChimneyMultiple Pots
Coupla potsSierra SunsetTowards the mountainsMountain potsDown the valley
Bubion high streetLooking down on the townSolitary potLooking downI see you
Village viewUp the alleyYellow flowersValley belowTypical house

Spain 2011, a set on Flickr.

I mentioned that we took a trip to Andalusia in Spain last August. Here are the snaps.

Remembering Spain

Starting to get to grips with some HDR versions of some old photos. I found this one from our holiday in Andalusia, Spain last August. Not sure how I missed it first time round. It was so quiet where we stayed, we actually heard a leaf blow down the street. Ah Spain, your food was crap but your vistas were lovely.

Spanish Hillside