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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland by dogfrog
Winter Wonderland, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Interstate 81, PA, January 2013

Independence Day

All American HorseBoy on a bikeGirl on a bikeGuys on bikesAll American HeroConvoy
Fire Engine #2Fire EngineDerby GirlEaglemanCruisin'

USA July 2012, a set on Flickr.

All of the photos I’ve taken today at the State College Independence Day Parade

New York from Citi

New York from Citi HDR by dogfrog
New York from Citi HDR, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

This reminds me of the cover of a Civilization or a Sim City video game. But it is New York, it is a photo and it looks really fake.

New York, New York, June 2012


Cops by dogfrog
Cops, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

I love this. Shot from the hip last Friday on our search for Obama in New York. If you’ve stayed in that hotel btw, shame on you!

Via Flickr:
New York, New York, June 2012

New York Bruise

New York Bruise by dogfrog
New York Bruise, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
New York, New York, June 2012

Jog on Mr Deer

This deer tried to car jack us on the road to Mr Z’s the other night. Lucky for us I was in possession of the Venison 3000 anti-deer alarm. Unfortunately I did not have autofocus on my camera.

Big sky

Big sky by dogfrog
Big sky, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Somewhere in Vermont between the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains.

Via Flickr:
Vermont, May 2012

Untitled Landscape

Untitled Landscape by dogfrog
Untitled Landscape, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in NEPA – 80 degrees, perfect for ice cream, fishing and photography. Say no more.

It’s almost been 6 months

Pennsylvanian Farm

Well it’s almost been six months from my move from the UK and I can honestly say I’ve loved every minute of NEPA. Maybe it’s the countryside, the wildlife or the food or the lack of continual rain (ironically it’s raining this morning) or maybe it’s just all those amazing landscapes for me to snap. Anyway thanks to everyone who follows the blog at home or here in the US, there’s plenty more to come.

Susquehanna River trip

A tough day stood in the Susquehanna River with only a couple of small mouth bass to show for our trouble. Last year’s flooding of the Susquehanna Basin was epic in its scale and I think it’s probably going to take a decade to get back to where it was. The number of huge trees uprooted and flung effortlessly downstream and onto the banks is truly amazing. Sadly, for the fisherman at least, I guess a huge amount of pesticides/fertilizer/phosphates has also gone into the river – that combined with the shallow water level and the hot weather –  it means large amounts of weed in the channel making it difficult to fish. Anyway here’s a short video of our day.