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Susquehanna River trip

A tough day stood in the Susquehanna River with only a couple of small mouth bass to show for our trouble. Last year’s flooding of the Susquehanna Basin was epic in its scale and I think it’s probably going to take a decade to get back to where it was. The number of huge trees uprooted and flung effortlessly downstream and onto the banks is truly amazing. Sadly, for the fisherman at least, I guess a huge amount of pesticides/fertilizer/phosphates has also gone into the river – that combined with the shallow water level and the hot weather –  it means large amounts of weed in the channel making it difficult to fish. Anyway here’s a short video of our day.

Fishing by kayak

A whole new exercise in multi-tasking for me today – fishing by kayak. Didn’t catch anything which was probably for the best as the wind started to gust quite sharply on the lake. Anticipating some achy shoulders tomorrow!


Amazing beaver

There truly is some amazing wildlife in Pennsylvania, there is no doubt about it. Getting out fishing means you regularly see many different animals. Just in the last few weeks I’ve seen lots of things we don’t have in the UK – eagles, wild turkeys, groundhogs, a multitude of colorful birds like blue-jays and cardinals and two beavers. If only we’d spotted the beaver a few hours before we started fishing that spot – we might have gone somewhere where there were some fish left. Thanks to Steve who shot the video!

Snow falling through sunlight

A cool sight this morning as the snow came down through the sunlight in the garden.

Living with a cat

I’ve never lived with a cat on a full time basis before. I didn’t realize they were such noisy little sods. Emma is quite fun though.


Someone got a puppy

Lola’s sister got a puppy. She named it Sophie. Today it discovered snow!