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Home from home

Driving around yesterday we found this little church not far up the road and it was so strange to see the graveyard so full of Welsh surnames. Morgan, Williams, Daniels, Price, Jones, you name it was there including the surname Leek which I must admit I’ve never even seen as a surname in Wales. As you can see from the countryside beyond,   the Welsh really did find a home from home in Pennsylvania.


Familiar landscape

As I travel around Pennsylvania I’m always struck how much the landscape is so much like my home back in Wales*. No wonder so many Welshmen settled here. As a result Pennsylvania has many Welsh place names – Nant y Glo, Bryn Mawr, Radnor and Gwynedd to name but a few – many outside Philadelphia. For my part I have a Wales registration plate on the back of the car!

Here’s a link to my Flickr set – Monmouthshire – just so you can see what I mean

*I’m not really Welsh but I’ve lived there for many years and frankly I’m happy to support the Welsh rugby team over the English any day 🙂

Castle by Streetlight

Castle By Streetlight by dogfrog
Castle By Streetlight, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

I’m not sure why this is my most popular photo on Flickr. It certainly makes me think of home every time I look at it but I’ll admit I’ve never really liked the colours.

Last Spring

Daffodil Valley II by dogfrog
Daffodil Valley II, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Last Spring I was in South Wales for the weekend. This was April 2 so I think we’re probably about 1/2 a month ahead here in Montdale.