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Shit’s gettin’ real



Imminent danger

Now for some extreme weather! It’s rumbling to the north as I type and it’s got very dark indeed.

Real feel: Scorchio

Yes we’re in for a hot one today folks. Stay inside, make some lemonade, put the AC on, take off all your clothes, get out the ice cream, watch some ABC crime dramas.

Any other suggestions?


Salamander by dogfrog
Salamander, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Found this little guy in the dog’s dish this morning after a heavy night of thunderstorms. Fortunately nothing seems to have been destroyed in the garden although it looks like we’re in for round two later today. Boy are thunderstorms huge over here!

Bear invasion!

Oh why did I fall asleep before the news last night???? Amazing happenings on the local weather which is broadcast outside every night, but not tonight! Click the bear to see the video or here.

Raining cats and dogs and pigs and horses and televisions and pineapples…

Just a few days ago it was all blossoms and eating outside. Now it’s all let’s stay inside and watch an entire season of The Killing. Tomorrow: Season 2


Ithaca – it’s a bit chilly

You only have to drive an hour or so north of the ‘dale and it gets a wee bit tittly bit nipply. I have no idea how Canadia (yes I called it Canadia), copes. But Ithaca is a lovely little town – home of Cornell University no less, and I thoroughly recommend the Mexican that everyone probably goes to. Also a good beer day as we managed to purchase Wolover’s Wild Flower Wheat, Wachussett Blueberry, Green Monsta and some Ithaca Partly Sunny. Damn I think I’ve bought too much beer for a man with a snoring problem.

Pictured below is a HDR of Buttermilk Falls just outside Ithaca, NY. See it bigger on Flickr.

Buttermilk Falls


Forsythia by dogfrog
Forsythia, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

It grows like wildfire here and it’s beautiful against the blue sky.

Windmill string silhouette

Windmill string by dogfrog
Windmill string, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

Another beautiful day out in Pennsylvania. Got to the Delaware River where we fished and lost. Then it was across into New York State where we saw the biggest turkey I or Tom had ever seen. Back into PA and the sun came down in time for American Idol which is awful this year.

On the fence

On the fence by dogfrog
On the fence, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

I cannot describe how bitterly cold it was down by the beach. I could barely work the camera but I was quite pleased with this one. I’ll process some more tomorrow and share.