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Carrots. I hate ’em


I can’t tell you how much I loathe carrots. The ones we grew this year, sure are pretty though. (pukes).

We hit the rhubarb motherload


Massive haul of rhubarb – about 12 large freezer bags I think all for less than 20 bucks. That’ll keep us in crumble for a few months I should think! Any other suggestions for rhubarb are welcome!

First fruit

Ok so it’s not the biggest vegetable in the entire world, but it is the first fruits of our garden labor. Spicier than regular radish, this little fella is a spicy Japanese breakfast radish that bestows upon the eater magical super powers. I’m still waiting for mine to kick in but I’m expecting full X-Ray vision before lunchtime in time for a trip to the Viewmont Mall.





Garden gets a security upgrade


Took advantage in a break in the rain to give the veggie plot a security upgrade. That should keep the little bastards out – you’d think…

Digging the dirt


Our tiny vegetable patch is taking shape. It’s taken about 6 hours to dig out and remove endless quantities of rocks so far. It’s about 7 by 7 feet, more than enough to grow a stack of onions and maybe some rhubarb. Hopefully the deer that sleep under the trees won’t start a ground war with the rabbits over the spoils.