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Up a creek

As the man in waders said, “There’s brownies and smallies all through here.”


New Jersey Shore

New Jersey Shore by dogfrog
New Jersey Shore, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

The Hudson swells and pulsates. It’s really unnerving stood next to it.

New York, June 2012

I’m gonna need a bigger boat

Captain Over Ambitious on Lake Ford

There’s no two ways about it, kayaking and fishing at the same time is not easy. Yes you can get to parts of the body of water you’re fishing that others might not be able to reach but that’s not before you’ve snagged your line on your hat, spun round in circles a million times in the wind and got your backside soaked. Today I went with the two rod approach – dragging one and casting the other. I’d love to tell you that it wasn’t a massively futile effort but I’d be lying. I have no idea what would happen if I actually did manage to catch something large like a big pike while in the kayak but I suspect it might involve me getting wet and losing all my gear not to mention rescue helicopters and emergency crews. To quote Roy Scheider, I think I’m gonna need a bigger boat.

Another day, another new fish

Behold the bluegill. A nice little fishy with really cool fins on the top! Thanks to Lola for the camera work!

Fishing by kayak

A whole new exercise in multi-tasking for me today – fishing by kayak. Didn’t catch anything which was probably for the best as the wind started to gust quite sharply on the lake. Anticipating some achy shoulders tomorrow!


Amazing beaver

There truly is some amazing wildlife in Pennsylvania, there is no doubt about it. Getting out fishing means you regularly see many different animals. Just in the last few weeks I’ve seen lots of things we don’t have in the UK – eagles, wild turkeys, groundhogs, a multitude of colorful birds like blue-jays and cardinals and two beavers. If only we’d spotted the beaver a few hours before we started fishing that spot – we might have gone somewhere where there were some fish left. Thanks to Steve who shot the video!

No luck on Wallenpaupack

Strictly I think this is the Nocamixon that feeds into Lake Wallenpaupack but whatever. No fish, no luck. Oh well, lovely day out with Lola.

Ithaca – it’s a bit chilly

You only have to drive an hour or so north of the ‘dale and it gets a wee bit tittly bit nipply. I have no idea how Canadia (yes I called it Canadia), copes. But Ithaca is a lovely little town – home of Cornell University no less, and I thoroughly recommend the Mexican that everyone probably goes to. Also a good beer day as we managed to purchase Wolover’s Wild Flower Wheat, Wachussett Blueberry, Green Monsta and some Ithaca Partly Sunny. Damn I think I’ve bought too much beer for a man with a snoring problem.

Pictured below is a HDR of Buttermilk Falls just outside Ithaca, NY. See it bigger on Flickr.

Buttermilk Falls

More fishing success…

Lookout over the lake by dogfrog
Lookout over the lake, a photo by dogfrog on Flickr.

I’m 3 to the good for the season so far having caught a small large mouth bass at Curtis Reservoir a bit earlier on in the day. Apart from a bite at the state park, pictured, we caught nothing, but all in all a nice day’s fishing.